Since the Fall of Rome, countless kings and emperors have yearned to possess the Holy Lance of St Longinus because only the sacred spear that pierced Christ’s side at the Crucifixion can guarantee victory in battle. Though this legendary symbol of divine favouris jealously guarded by the Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperors, with war clouds gathering over the Danube there are others who seek to wield such a powerful relic. The French King, the Ottoman Sultan and a feared warlord who claims descent from the infamous Vlad ‘the Impaler’ all covet this priceless treasure but no one can acquire the Holy Lance without the help of  the English alchemist and adventurer, Thomas Devilstone.

Set during the epic Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars of the early 16th Century, the second instalment of The Devilstone Chronicles follows outlawed knight, necromancer and soldier-of-fortune Thomas Devilstone as he battles the mysterious Order of the Dragon in his quest for honour and glory. Will Thomas and the men of the Devil’s Band succeed in stealing the Holy Lance? Or will they fall victim to the Order’s sinister Grand Master, the man who calls himself Lord Dracul…